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Peeping and Sleeping

Two weeks old and eyes are opening – hello there!  They are also starting to play a little with each other and to wobble about rather than commando crawling.  Most of the time they are still just sleeping beauties.  However, these puppies seem very noisy – they like to have a time in the middle of the day when they practise their barking, woofing or squeaking. Sometimes it’s been so loud we could hardly hear the Olympics!  They have been round to see the vet today for a quick check-up, everyone is doing very well. We had to take them now as next week they won’t fit in the box, nor stay there!

Guinea Pig Impressions

One week old and they look and sound just like guinea pigs – about the same size, smooth and squeaky and snuffling away.  They are doing what they should be, growing!  All have doubled their weight in 7 days, bang on target.  They still have their eyes shut and cannot walk, but they ‘scamper’ around in a very lively fashion.

Luna is, as predicted, a brilliant mum.  She loves just hanging out with her babies, even when they are stuffed full and busy sleeping.  She makes sure they have plenty of toys to snuggle up to, bringing in all the old teddies even after I had been shopping for new pink toys.  Of course she doesn’t mind at all if they wander all over her, so although she keeps them beautifully clean, she might get some poo in her ear 😉