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Symi the School Dog

Jill sent me this update this week about Symi:

Hi Penny
Symi continues to thrive. He is not the biggest border collie, the vet says he will be petite. He jumps in and out of the boot of the car now which is handy as he weighs in at 13.6kg and hefting him up in the boot was beginning to get quite an effort. School is now on holiday and I think he rather misses the pupils as they gave him so much attention. Dog training is progressing, but he would rather spend the time playing with his mate Hugo at lessons than walk at heel!  He is now easy to take on a walk and runs his way around the forest chasing the rabbits.
Regards Jill

Aren’t I gorgeous?

I asked Jill to write a little bit more about Symi in school, as Jill is a science teacher and takes him into school with her each day.  This is her reply:

Hi Penny
Symi stays in my lab during the day. The children are allowed “Symi time” as they call it for about 5 mins at the end of lessons if they have worked hard, which is usually every time. They know not to tease him and take him out at break times to play with him. He loves the nursery children and next term it is planned to take him into the nursery on  a regular basis, but I have held back as being a puppy occasionally he can get over-excited. Without doubt he has had a very positive effect in the school and every prospective parent and child is brought to see him. His favourite group is the y7s.  He has also helped when I have had children who feel the whole world is against them and everyone hates them. While they are talking Symi will sidle up to them wanting to be stroked – superb therapy as I can say “see Symi loves you” they then have to agree.

As he calms down and is not so prone to wanting to tear round the school, he will go to other classrooms. He knows the cleaner’s name and will seek her out when I ask him to when we arrive at school. This is true of a whole group of work colleagues and friends.

I know what you mean about leaving the dogs I hate leaving him even for the day.
I hope Luna is doing well
Regards Jill

Spoons’ news

Good Morning Penny,

Glad to hear that Luna is expecting. More stunning puppies in the post!

We are absolutely ecstatic with Spoons!! He is growing up to be such an affectionate and gentle little fella, incredibly sociable and adores nothing more than being around people and other dogs.  Whenever we take him out we don’t get far before other dog walkers comment on how handsome he is. In turn he acknowledges all the attention with a string of cute grumbles and squeaks.

Spoons is now in training for his Bronze Obedience Award, which he obviously loves, and we are both looking forward to starting agility with him in the future.

Spoons is playful, intelligent and his antics regularly have us both in stiches!! He trots like a show pony and is already demonstrating he has what it takes to be an agility champion of the future!!  We are so proud of him and we can’t thank you enough for giving us such a cracking Border Collie.

We will definitely be asking you for another in the future.

Attached are some recent pictures of Spoons.

Lots of Love

Heather and Graham (Bristol).

Pippin Pupdate

Pippin in the top field

Hello Penny

First of all congratulations, based on how well Luna did with Sunny’s most recent litter she is bound to be an out-of-this world mother, you must be so happy.

Pippin is wonderful, he is just beginning to quieten down and behave himself, and he is a much-loved member of the family.  He has completed his first set of puppy training and is excellent at everything except walking to heel, we’re still working on that before he progresses to the next level. He was still good enough to earn his rosette and I’m not sure who is prouder of it, him or us!

He can’t get enough exercise and loves to run around in the fields behind the cottage, as can be seen in the picture. He is wonderful with other dogs and we can’t wait until he is a bit older so we can walk him further.

A South Downs footpath runs past our gate and whenever Pippin is in the garden he always runs up to greet passers-by. He has become quite a talking point for everyone who walks past.

As you know, I normally let Pip do the talking, and you will be able to catch up with his ramblings here: To be fair, I do help him with the photography.

Steve x

Pippin says “Hello xx”

Toggle’s news

Hi Penny

Hope you are all well.

We are all fine, Toggle is growing all the time and has all his big teeth now as well as a lovely shiny coat having lost all his puppy fluff! He really is the most wonderful puppy he is laid back but very bright and is so affectionate and loves his cuddles. He loves going to training classes watching everyone else very intently then when it’s his go has already worked out what needs to be done. When he is very tired by the days’ activities he suckles on his favourite duck toy and pads with his paws like a cat- very sweet.He has been on his first holiday to Cornwall and had a lovely time, not too sure what to make of the sea!

Lots of people admire him and his wonderful temperament hence my next question! Did Luna have or is having puppies as a friend of my mum’s would be interested?

Take care

Sara and Toggle