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Pippin Pupdate

Pippin in the top field

Hello Penny

First of all congratulations, based on how well Luna did with Sunny’s most recent litter she is bound to be an out-of-this world mother, you must be so happy.

Pippin is wonderful, he is just beginning to quieten down and behave himself, and he is a much-loved member of the family.  He has completed his first set of puppy training and is excellent at everything except walking to heel, we’re still working on that before he progresses to the next level. He was still good enough to earn his rosette and I’m not sure who is prouder of it, him or us!

He can’t get enough exercise and loves to run around in the fields behind the cottage, as can be seen in the picture. He is wonderful with other dogs and we can’t wait until he is a bit older so we can walk him further.

A South Downs footpath runs past our gate and whenever Pippin is in the garden he always runs up to greet passers-by. He has become quite a talking point for everyone who walks past.

As you know, I normally let Pip do the talking, and you will be able to catch up with his ramblings here: To be fair, I do help him with the photography.

Steve x

Pippin says “Hello xx”

Toggle’s news

Hi Penny

Hope you are all well.

We are all fine, Toggle is growing all the time and has all his big teeth now as well as a lovely shiny coat having lost all his puppy fluff! He really is the most wonderful puppy he is laid back but very bright and is so affectionate and loves his cuddles. He loves going to training classes watching everyone else very intently then when it’s his go has already worked out what needs to be done. When he is very tired by the days’ activities he suckles on his favourite duck toy and pads with his paws like a cat- very sweet.He has been on his first holiday to Cornwall and had a lovely time, not too sure what to make of the sea!

Lots of people admire him and his wonderful temperament hence my next question! Did Luna have or is having puppies as a friend of my mum’s would be interested?

Take care

Sara and Toggle

Luna Expecting!

Scan has confirmed that Luna is expecting 5 puppies, due 3rd August.  I hope to keep one and have a couple of people already interested, so just have a couple of homes to find.  I expect they will all be sold before birth this time though, as both Luna and Oz are such brilliant temperaments, but also very pretty and dark red/chocolate (meaning all the pups will be too).  Oz lives in a loving family home, is being trained as a bio-detection dog and enjoys agility in his spare time.

I have already had a great deal of interest in this litter and am not taking any more names at the moment.

Young love

Tod’s first ‘A’ Win

I am proud to announce that Luna’s brother Dentbros Rubeus (Tod), achieved his first win in an ‘A’ class at the Aylesbury CTS on 25th May 2012.  The judge, Lee Lampert had this to say, “1st MISS TRACY VENUS with DENTBROS RUBEUS B/C Great round from this team only a young dog. A smooth no fuss round just got on with what they had to do. Very smart heel work with Tod holding a good position. Well done on your first A win.” (source  Tod is pictured here with his baby brother Dentbros Jack of Diamonds (Copper) also owned by Tracy.

Congratulations Tracy and Tod!

Luna Triumphs

Just had to share this with you: We went to our club’s members-only agility show yesterday for Luna to compete in agility for the very first time. She won everything! She came first in jumping, agility and steeplechase classes, beating 20 or more other dogs. Of course Sunny was eliminated from all three of her classes ;-), but she was in the much harder classes, having won a clear round 3 years ago. Go Dentbros dogs!