Welcome to the Dentbros Dogs Advent Calendar!

Border Collie

17th December 2021

Arla, (Dentbros Moondance), from the Mystical Litter. Arla and Quin are so alike that when she popped in for a visit recently we struggled to tell them apart, at 7 months! It’s amazing how alike littermates can be, even as adult dogs. I think Border Collies in particular, show off their family likenesses, as they are such a variable breed. There are many different colour combinations and of course the ears! Border Collie ears are hugely variable and very often uneven. A few of this recent litter have one ear (the left) slightly dropped, with the other being completely up.

Up until Christmas every day I will publish one (or two!) of favourite photos of dogs and puppies I have taken in the past year. I hope you like them!

Donation request

I am doing this dog advent calendar to celebrate my dogs, but also to politely request that you consider donating to Canine Concern. This is the charity that supports me going into school with my dogs and supports hundreds of other volunteers around the country, visiting lots of other places.

The charity is run very simply, by an extremely small team, with limited resources, but it does a huge amount of good. The volunteers are incredibly valued wherever they go, this year more than any other.

Thank you for your support.


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