Week 3: Mystical Litter

Eyes open, looking around

After just two weeks, puppies open their eyes! It’s lovely to see them and meet them properly for the first time. This time, I wanted to have a go at taking pictures of them individually, which I was able to do, as I have been working on my photography skills!

border collie puppies
Arla, just peeping

It’s always interesting to see my puppies with their eyes open, as I have had quite a few with heterochromia iridum, where the irises are a different colour. This has been most notable for me in Busy, but she has two older brothers and a son with the same condition. These puppies all have matching eyes, although the blue and white girls look green and the chocolates will probably be amber in colour.

border collie puppies
I can see you

Up on their feet

Two week old puppies are already starting to stand up, but they are still very wobbly. Initially, they get around by commando crawling on their bellies, although you would be surprised how far they can travel using this method!

border collie puppies
Meeting her big sister

They start to move around more at this age, but are pretty unsteady and often roll over. The puppies navigate mainly by smell, but a couple of days after their eyes open they start to see where they are going. Then they can meet big sister Ounce!

border collie puppies
They still fit

Trying out real food

Once they can see and are up on their feet, I start to think about giving them so food. This time I waited until just before they were three weeks old, because I knew Busy was doing a great job feeding them herself.

border collie puppies
There’s food under there

They eat really well from day one, but they don’t really need it. Once I’ve started to introduce kibble, soaked in puppy milk, I try to give them some food several times per day. It becomes a bit of a game of tag with Busy, as we both feed them puppies at frequent intervals.

border collie puppies
It’s delicious

Of course I still continue to feed her numerous big meals throughout the day, so I start to feel a bit of a feeding machine.

border collie puppies
I can see my face now

More cuddles

We continue to have some visitors. People often wait until they are older, when they are running around and doing a bit more. I like it when people visit at this age, as I can sit and chat, rather than running around mopping up wees, changing the newspaper and making up feeds!

border collie puppies
pink paws


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