border collie puppies

Week 1: Mystical Litter

The Mystical Litter are here!

On Monday 19th April, Busy gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. She had a restless night, without being ‘properly’ in labour. Then she finally got going around 8am and suddenly produced three puppies! We then waited around, with her being very calm and relaxed. She had been scanned for 6 puppies, so I knew we were not finished.

Border collie puppies

As we approached midday I decided she needed a bit of help along the way. We popped round to the vet’s for an oxytocin injection. Very straightforward, (although she didn’t like being away from me). The vet said there was nothing obvious in the birth canal.

Border collie puppies

However, after the five minute journey home we went upstairs and she had four more puppies within forty minutes! So the injection worked perfectly and the pups were all safely delivered.

One down..

The pup that caused the hold-up was a little lilac girl. I was thrilled to see her, as lilacs are so rare. Sadly, she was extremely small and under-developed. She was barely alive. I breathed on her and rubbed her, so she seemed to get going. But she was extremely weak, prone to getting cold and struggled to feed.

Border collie puppies
Just a murmur

On the second day, I tried feeding her milk myself, which she seemed to take. However, she wasn’t really there and within 48 hours she had slipped away. Busy did notice she had gone and looked for her, but then she got on with it, looking after the others so brilliantly.

Three pairs

We have three pairs in this litter – a pair of black and whites, a pair of chocolate and whites and a pair of blue and whites! Both the blues are girls but we have a black and white boy and a chocolate boy. Lovely! They are all ‘classic collies’ with absolutely textbook markings. Busy is a fantastic mum, extremely attentive and thorough with her cleaning and feeding.

Border collie puppies
Two of each

The puppies weigh 250-350g at birth, but they soon start to gain weight! They feed almost constantly, so poor Busy gets very little rest.

Who’s the dad?

The sire of these puppies is Goytre Smokin’ Gun – Gunna. He is also the sire of the Sweetie Litter, so I knew exactly what these pups would be like. He is an amazing boy, with a super temperament. I am very fortunate that so many of my puppies are from the Goytre lines.

Border collie puppies

NB: All have homes

I have been inundated with enquiries for puppies for the past 15 months – up to 5 PER DAY! during the first Lockdown. I still get an enquiry every day, but thankfully people do now realise they will have to wait a long time to have a puppy from a responsible breeder, such as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

Border collie puppies
pink noses, pink toes

I have had a waiting list of people, but in addition I have been extremely fortunate (and proud) that quite a few people who have had dogs from me before have come back for a puppy again. So I knew straight away that these puppies all have homes.


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