Fundraising: Free calendar with every donation

Fundraising effort – raising money for Canine Concern. I have been trying to raise money for this wonderful charity for some time through the sale of the Dentbros Dogs Calendar 2019. My plan was to recover the printing costs. I would then donate any additional payments to the charity – 100% of the profits.


I have raised around £65 so far. But I still have around 40 calendars! As you know, a calendar is no use to anyone after January. I am now keen to give these away, with any donations I receive. Having a calendar is not compulsory!

Just Giving Page

To make the fundraising much easier to manage, I have now set up a Just Giving Page. So you can go there and donate to Canine Concern simply and easily. You can give as much or as little as you would like.

fundraising calendar
Miss May

Supporting dogs in schools

I am very proud of the fact that three of the dogs I have bred have now joined this charity and are working in schools.  This includes Bea (pictured above) who features on the calendar in May. It is my hope that others may be inspired to join the work done, which makes such a difference to a huge number of children and adults.

This week I took Aura and Ounce into school for a visit – they loved it! Ounce was such a show off! She was so excited, jumping on the children and ‘kissing’ everyone. The children were delighted with how clever she was, demonstrating all her tricks, including the ‘rollover’ which she does at dazzling speed! I kept asking her to settle down and she would look at me and answer back “I don’t need to settle down, everyone loves me!” They did – the children thought it was hilarious. Maybe one day she will be quiet enough to engage with the children properly.

fundraising calendar
Miss November – cheeky girl

Request a fundraising calendar

If you would like a fundraising calendar, please CONTACT ME? More details of the calendars can be found on my original post about them here – Fundraising Calendar 2019 – BUY NOW!

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