Fundraising: CALENDAR 2019 – BUY NOW!

Fundraising for Canine Concern – Calendar 2019

For the last few years I have been producing a calendar for friends and family.  This year I have decided to go all out and try a bit of fundraising while I’m at it.  I have decided to do this as a fundraising exercise for a charity very close to my heart: Canine Concern.

I am therefore offering these calendars for sale for £8+£1.40p&p.  For each calendar sold, ALL PROFITS will be donated to Canine Concern.  I hope you agree that this is a worthwhile cause.  fundraising


Supporting dogs in schools

I am very proud of the fact that three of the dogs I have bred have now joined this charity and are working in schools.  It is my hope that others may be inspired to join the work done, which makes such a difference to a huge number of children and adults.

2019 Calendar

Last year, I made a calendar using my own photographs for the first time.  Obviously I am not a professional photographer, but thanks to some lessons from Kate and a decent camera, I have been pleased with the results.  The first couple of years I made calendars using photos taken by two amazing dog photographers – Kate Everall Photography and Bridget Davey Photography.  These two are highly skilled at their job and if you want gorgeous photos of your dogs, look no further. Kate  also takes fabulous photos of people, including newborn babies, children and families with their dogs – I highly recommend her.

The advantage of using my own photos, vs ones taken by the professionals, is that I am able to take pictures throughout the year.  My goals with my pictures for next year’s calendar have been as follows:

  • seasonal pictures – preferably with flowers (collie flowers – get it?)
  • different dogs – there are 8 different dogs on next year’s calendar
  • different poses – lying down is the easy one, but I have tried to get some variety as well
  • showing off what makes Border Collies SO special.



I am hoping to sell around 70 calendars, so please help? fundraising


Please can you CONTACT ME with details of your order?  As this is only a small, personal fundraising project, I have not been able to set up an official shop (that is not what I’m about), so please bear with me?  I’ve added a contact form for you to fill in if that’s easier?

CALENDARS COST £8+£1.40p&p (UK only). 

Order now – while stocks last!

Thank you for your support xx

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