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Isn’t this great?  It’s my nephew Llewi having a go at agility with Luna the superstar.  Llewi was visiting us last year from Melbourne and I took him and his brother to the field for some fun.

This is what I am passionate about – children and dogs having fun together.  Safely (with the odd slip!) and under control.  Luna is well-trained, so she is able to work with anyone, which gives children who don’t have dogs the chance to enjoy them as well.

Before you all rush to contact me, I should say that I am NOT an agility trainer.  This is not my field either – I am currently training in a park, until classes become established.

Training for Fun Classes

Following on from my successful Taster Sessions, I will be taking names for blocks of classes, which will start in JANUARY 2017.  I would therefore like to hear from you, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are 8-13 years old
  • Like dogs (no experience necessary)
  • Live near Milton Keynes (Classes to be held near Caldecotte Lake)
  • Can come to class after school

Times and dates will be confirmed once the level of interest is established.  Ideally I am looking for around 8 children per class and classes will last for around 45 minutes.

Activities include:

  • Recall – will your dog make it through the tunnel of temptation?
  • Stay – can you hide while they wait for you?
  • Everyday care of the dog – grooming, health checks, cleaning up after them
  • Play – what games does a dog like playing?
  • Rewarding – it’s not just sausages you know
  • Meeting and greeting – how to say hello to a new dog
  • Basic obedience – heelwork, simple commands (sit, down etc)
  • Much more!

No Dog Required!

I am able to use my dogs for the classes or you can bring your own.  It’s up to you!

CONTACT ME NOW to register for classes?

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