dogs and children training

Dogs ‘n’ Kids Training – Taster Session

Dogs ‘n’ Kids Training For Fun

For anyone who wants their dog to play and work with their children

training classes, dogs and childrenThe aims of the classes are:

  • Children having fun with their dogs
  • Children learning how to be around their dogs and understand their dog’s behaviour
  • Improving their dog’s behaviour through a variety of positive training
  • Improving the bond between dogs and children

I’ve had 2 children and 6 dogs and have been a breeder for a number of years, so I really understand the joy of seeing children and dogs playing together and having fun.   I have been going into school with one of my dogs under the Read2Dogs scheme, which has demonstrated the magic that dogs can work with children.

Now I’m providing the opportunity to improve that relationship with other children and their dogs, using my skills and experience. I am going to use the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme as a framework, but I want to include plenty of fun and games as well.  I am DRB cleared.

The Taster Session will introduce children to managing their dog while out walking, interacting with other people and dogs.  They will have the chance to play with their dog.

Taster session

dogs and children trainingDate:   Monday 10th October 2016

Time:   4.30-5.30pm                         Price:   £8

At:        Caldecotte Lake Park, Simpson Road

NB: This session is suitable for children aged 8-13, with dogs over 1 year.  Dogs should not be aggressive with other dogs or children. There will be 8 places available on this session. 

Following this session there will be another Taster Session, and then a course of classes after half term.

To apply for a place on this session, please contact:

Penny Dent, Dentbros Dogs                                                     07528 574207

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