Week 5 – Maximum cuteness?

No words needed!

IMG_9903They are so fluffy and so cuddly now, but also, very bitey and scratchy!  Starting to cause mayhem wherever they go as well, testing out their needle sharp teeth. IMG_9917Of course it doesn’t put everyone off.  Those who know puppies know that they are still fun to play with, but that they still have quite a bit of growing and growing up to do.IMG_9893We really love having visitors, particularly small ones.  The puppies are also given the chance to talk to ‘men with beards’ (aka my sons) as per the Kennel Club socialisation programme. 😉


They are really out exploring the garden now and we are starting to see lots of play fighting, sometimes with fierce growling and barking.


They are enjoying their toys, too, although really, sticks, leaves and old yoghurt pots also make great toys.IMG_9857

In the end though, they are just busy growing and being really, really cute!IMG_9855

Week 4 – Hot to Trot

Time to Play

IMG_9785It seems as though it has taken ages for the puppies to get to this stage, but it’s actually been four weeks – quite a transformation in such a short time! They are at maximum cuteness now, trotting about (still not exactly running) and jumping on each other.  They are starting to explore a bit more, being more adventurous. IMG_9790It’s a big old world out there, but it won’t be long before they are happily gardening (I’ve made a special bit of grass they will enjoy digging up 😉 )

IMG_9787They are starting to properly interact with the other dogs and to say hello to the cat (I missed the photo op this morning). They still mob their mum though, when they can.

IMG_9788Then it’s back to bed for a bit more sleep, wherever they land…

IMG_9786..usually in a pile, they don’t care.  They are loving cuddles with visitors more and more and as you can see they are already bringing happiness.

IMG_9778 IMG_9775NB: The puppies are all now reserved for lovely homes. They do benefit from as much cuddling as possible though, so please pop by if you have time?

Week 3 – which one would you choose?

One Boy Remaining

Two smart boys
Two smart boys

This weekend the delighted puppy owners have visited their babies for the first time.  They are lovely and were so pleased to meet their puppy.  Decisions were made, taking account of the needs of owners, matching them to the best pup for them.  This time round I have had a number of enquiries for girls, but not so many for boys.  I therefore have one of these boys remaining – which one would you choose?  Of course they are both beautiful – typical border collies! Bred for better temperament and health 🙂

IMG_9686As you can see they have grown and are becoming increasingly soft and fluffy.  Their personalities are starting to shine through (can you spot the cheeky monkey?)

IMG_9659 (1)They have started to try out some real food!  Their teeth are coming through so they had no trouble chomping on this.  They still mainly feed from Aura of course.

IMG_9706They’ve been out in the sunshine, having a picnic!  Not long till they start running around outside.

IMG_9647Children are now welcome to visit – the more the merrier!  I like my puppies to have plenty of exposure to children from an early age, as this definitely makes them more confident and outgoing with children as they grow up.

IMG_9667Hard to resist when they are this cuddly 🙂  Please get in touch to arrange your visit, or to apply to be the proud owner of the remaining boy – you’ll have to be quick!

Week 2 – We can see you now!

Eyes open, up on their feet and ready to go!

This week has seen a significant change in the pups.  They are now very definitely either asleep or awake and when they are awake they are already quite lively!


This photo was taken yesterday, can you see how much they’ve grown? IMG_9587Already showing a good taste in music and enjoying cuddles with friends, while Aura looks proudly on.IMG_9602I’ve nicknamed this boy Charlie Brown, as he is the only chocolate boy.  Homes have not yet been confirmed for all the pups, but this will almost certainly be sorted by this time next week.  If you’d like to visit but are worried you might be tempted to have one, please don’t be!  I am very fussy about who goes where – collie pups are not for everyone.  If you are interested, please see my FAQs page for more information?

IMG_9608Otherwise, I do hope you will come for a cuddle?  It’s lovely to catch up with friends while being entertained.  I shall be needing LOTS of children to come now, so please get in touch?

Week 1 – All about the weight gain

How do you go from this…


to this, in one week?  Simple, your mum feeds you, constantly.  These puppies have easily doubled their birth weights, in one week, which is pretty impressive, isn’t it?  Aura has been feeding, and feeding, and feeding.

IMG_9520After the first few days, there started to be a few gaps between feeds – Aura still enjoys coming out for a walk with the others.  When she gets back the pups all stuff their faces again. Then collapse in a ‘drunken’ heap, lying wherever they stopped.

IMG_9524Aura doesn’t mind if they are sprawled over her feet.  Of course she needs plenty to eat, so I’ve been giving her four big meals per day, with added protein, such as tuna or chicken. Yummy – perks of the job!

IMG_9538Feeding is hot work, so she likes to cool off.  She does love her babies though and will snuggle up to them.

IMG_9539Spending time around them, it is amazing how much they do, wriggling about, squeaking and snuffling (they sound like guinea pigs).  They can’t see or hear, but they know where Aura is and they find each other to cuddle up.

IMG_9542We’ve had some visitors already and so they are already getting used to being handled and experiencing different smells and sensations.  I tidy their toenails so they don’t scratch Aura when feeding – they don’t like that much!

IMG_9541Next week their eyes will open…   Do let me know when you would like to book a visit?