2nd Birthday News from Bella


Bella aug 14Hi Penny, thanks, we were about to send you a message to wish Aura and the other pups a happy birthday.  Maddie is about to make Bella a “birthday” cake – yum!

bella weaving Bella jumping Attached, please find a few photos of Bella.  She competed in a BAA competition on Sunday and came home with a 2nd place rosette (more than 30 dogs in her class) and a 6th place rosette.  We were very proud of her and Maddie.
Busy looks just so cute in the pictures, you must be having so much fun with her.
Bella jumping aug

Hope to see you before long.
Gill xxxx


Spoons’ news

aug 14Good Evening Penny.

I hope you and the family are well and are looking forward to the latest litter in November.  Here is a recent picture of our boy.   Literally every time we take him out he receives cuddles and compliments, and of course, he just laps it up!!   He is still the centre of our lives, at least until the newest addition of our family is due in early September.   We have plenty of pictures and videos of Spoons, so if you want any for your collection, then just let us know.  He is a clever, happy, playful and gentle boy, and we still worship the ground he walks on!!

Much love, Graham, Heather, Spoons and bump.