6 Months old today!

They are still babies, but are also starting to look (and behave) like grown-up dogs.  Here is the feedback I have had from the other four homes:

“Ella is an absolute delight, she really is. She has such a lovely temperament and so pretty. Her recall is now second to none. She can go for a wander but as soon as I blow the whistle she comes tearing back. Lead walking still a  bit of a struggle, as is jumping up, but we are getting there.”

“Flo is a smashing girl who loves everyone and everything except her dumbbell. We are working on that; she is coming along very well with all other aspects of her obedience training, she is so quick to learn. She is also becoming the perfect family dog both in and out of the house. Thank you so much for letting me have her. If I ever want another collie I know where I will be going.”

“I’ve attached a picture of Bella taken over Christmas, wearing her Christmas bandana which the kids couldn’t resist.  She’s doing so well and continues to be a real joy.  She’s so affectionate and very attentive – great praise from the trainers at Obedience Class last night.  She’s still a bit of a madam when we’re out walking.  She recalls selectively, particularly when we get towards the end of the walk.  She’ll come back to me, then side-step me, and if she had fingers, would definitely stick two up at me as she sails past!  I’ve been working really hard with her – carrying treats, honking pig, squeaky lamb etc and pretty much acting like a one-man dog entertainer.” [Typical of a 6-month old!]

“Willow is a beautiful girl – a bit of a monkey and loves chewing though, so our kitchen chairs are a bit worse for wear! She’s doing really well with her training, although she’s still a bit jumpy with people as she wants cuddles all the time. She’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had and she loves snuggling up if I sit on the floor with her.  I’ve rather crazily decided to do the Great North Run in September and Willow is a great running partner as she’s much happier going at running speed than when I walk with her – she doesn’t pull, is not at all fussed by people going by and just stays glued to my side.”

Lovely feedback, lovely homes.  I am thrilled with my own princess, she is very bright and such a lovely nature.  Makes me very proud!

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