Ready to go –

All their bags are packed, they’re ready to go.  The princesses have almost finished their time at the Puppy Palace and will be saying goodbye this weekend. They have been really enjoying their time playing with each other and Luna, but also learning that not everyone is completely friendly – Buzz and Sunny make sure they show respect for their elders 😉  These are all important experiences for them.  I know they will soon be tormenting the other pets and children and ‘tidying up’ their gardens, chair legs, door frames and anything else left lying around!  Their families are VERY excited about welcoming them home and I am confident that they are ready for their next big adventure!


The princesses are much more active, with long periods where they are really lively, running about, jumping on each other and Luna, having such a good time.  Then they collapse in a heap, preferably squashed up into a pile beside the lavender, outside.  They have been enjoying the sunshine and the garden, although obviously it needed some heavy pruning to look its best.  They are off to Newmarket in a little while, to the Animal Health Trust, to have their hearing and eyesight checked.  Always a bit of an adventure, but the staff are so lovely.  Not long now till they go off to their new homes – we had around 80 people through the house last week, so they’ve had plenty of cuddles!

Busy busy

Now we are finally running around, investigating what’s going on.  Shoelaces are quite interesting and we are enjoying chewing fingers, toes, legs, bits of the door, basically everything, as we have very sharp teeth.  We like running, which we can do very fast, but we are still a bit out of control.  We jump on each other and attack, grrr.  Best of all is playing with mum, she is really nice to us and only pretends to eat us.  Granny Sunny is more grumpy, but we don’t care, we like chasing her anyway.