Top Dog Tod

I am so thrilled to post this latest news of the star of my breeding so far (like it’s down to me 😉 )  Tracy and Tod went to the Witham Obedience Show today and Tracy sent me this message:

We have had an amazing day!! I feel totally shattered and I am still in disbelief………

Tod WON “A” AND “B” !!!!!!!

My B stays were first thing so I did them and then worked my B round. He did his send-away!!!! I felt like running up and rewarding him for that but knew I had to work the round. Fast pace was first, that threw Tod a bit and I thought his heelwork was slightly loose but then he made up for it by doing brilliant slow and normal pace. My left turns were a bit naff but that was completely my fault.

I then worked his A round, he worked really well and did super left turns.  Both his scents were very good.

I can’t believe he has already got his first B!!!!
See you tomorrow 😀


So proud of them both xx

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  1. Well done Tracy – he’s a smashing dog and you’re a lovely trainer. Put those two together and see what you get – success!!!

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