Spoons’ news

Good Morning Penny,

Glad to hear that Luna is expecting. More stunning puppies in the post!

We are absolutely ecstatic with Spoons!! He is growing up to be such an affectionate and gentle little fella, incredibly sociable and adores nothing more than being around people and other dogs.  Whenever we take him out we don’t get far before other dog walkers comment on how handsome he is. In turn he acknowledges all the attention with a string of cute grumbles and squeaks.

Spoons is now in training for his Bronze Obedience Award, which he obviously loves, and we are both looking forward to starting agility with him in the future.

Spoons is playful, intelligent and his antics regularly have us both in stiches!! He trots like a show pony and is already demonstrating he has what it takes to be an agility champion of the future!!  We are so proud of him and we can’t thank you enough for giving us such a cracking Border Collie.

We will definitely be asking you for another in the future.

Attached are some recent pictures of Spoons.

Lots of Love

Heather and Graham (Bristol).

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