Toggle’s news

Hi Penny

Hope you are all well.

We are all fine, Toggle is growing all the time and has all his big teeth now as well as a lovely shiny coat having lost all his puppy fluff! He really is the most wonderful puppy he is laid back but very bright and is so affectionate and loves his cuddles. He loves going to training classes watching everyone else very intently then when it’s his go has already worked out what needs to be done. When he is very tired by the days’ activities he suckles on his favourite duck toy and pads with his paws like a cat- very sweet.He has been on his first holiday to Cornwall and had a lovely time, not too sure what to make of the sea!

Lots of people admire him and his wonderful temperament hence my next question! Did Luna have or is having puppies as a friend of my mum’s would be interested?

Take care

Sara and Toggle

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