Pippin Pupdate

Pippin in the top field

Hello Penny

First of all congratulations, based on how well Luna did with Sunny’s most recent litter she is bound to be an out-of-this world mother, you must be so happy.

Pippin is wonderful, he is just beginning to quieten down and behave himself, and he is a much-loved member of the family.  He has completed his first set of puppy training and is excellent at everything except walking to heel, we’re still working on that before he progresses to the next level. He was still good enough to earn his rosette and I’m not sure who is prouder of it, him or us!

He can’t get enough exercise and loves to run around in the fields behind the cottage, as can be seen in the picture. He is wonderful with other dogs and we can’t wait until he is a bit older so we can walk him further.

A South Downs footpath runs past our gate and whenever Pippin is in the garden he always runs up to greet passers-by. He has become quite a talking point for everyone who walks past.

As you know, I normally let Pip do the talking, and you will be able to catch up with his ramblings here: http://applecottagepupdate.wordpress.com/ To be fair, I do help him with the photography.

Steve x

Pippin says “Hello xx”

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